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Quality & Delivery

  • We guarantee to provide the highest quality of English (USA/UK) in all the documents edited by the company and will try to fulfill the standards required by the international publishing industry.
  • If you are unhappy with the completed work, send your reasons for your dissatisfaction.
  • Our in-house expert team of reviewers will examine it to verify if the reasons cited by you are indeed true.
  • If the reasons cited by you for dissatisfaction is indeed found to be true, our editors will work on your manuscript again at no additional cost until your satisfaction.
  • If your manuscript edited by us is rejected by the journal because of the quality of English, we will re-edit it at no additional cost as long as you have addressed all the reviewers comments specific to your study.
  • If despite our best efforts, the service is not up to your expectations, we will adjust the amount in your next order or provide a refund, if fund comes under strict mistakes.

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