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Journal Submission

Several steps have to be followed before a manuscript is submitted for considering publication in a certain journal, and the submission process varies journal to journal. This is a tedious process and sometimes difficult to understand the submission procedure and technical requirements.

We provide kind support in all steps here to help you submit your manuscript successfully. Additionally, we also monitor the manuscript status throughout the entire peer review and publication processes. Here is how the entire process works

  • Register and create an account (some time consolidate account) for you in the journal's webpage for online submission.
  • Complete all the forms in the journal submission process.
  • Write a compelling cover letter to the journal elucidating the novelty of your work
  • Fill the copyright transfer form, and ethics statement.
  • Upload your manuscript along with figures and tables correctly.
  • Check the pdf of uploaded manuscript and approve submission.
  • Communicate with the journal editor on your behalf.
  • Provide you the detail information related to the journal submission.

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