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Publication Success Stories

We offer comprehensive English editing services through all stages of the publication cycle. Our publication support caters to all genres of publications, including research studies by scholars and corporations. With a clientele across 80 countries, a proven online delivery model, and the expertise of more than 750 inhouse and online professionals in English language editing, we ensure the highest quality in manuscript editing.

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When you pass off another author’s words, ideas, or expressions as your own, you are committing plagiarism. Depending on the institution, it is defined differently in educational settings. Plagiarism is considered a violation of journalistic and academic integrity and is a crime.

Steps for plagiarism removal

  • 1. Discuss your project with us
  • 2. Send/upload your file
  • 3. Make the payment
  • 4. Get Updates
  • 5. Evaluation of plagiarism by QC
  • 6. Delivery on time
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